Meet The CEO

Angela J. Brown MPH, DrPH (c)

Angela J. Brown, MPH, DrPH (c) is the CEO & founder of Brown Surveillance Team, LLC and a Certified Nursing Assistant having 10 years of veterinary medical experience and 3 years of clinical research experience working as both a Research Assistant and Clinical Research Coordinator at NYU Langone Medical Center, Bellevue Hospital, and the VA hospitals.

Angela has a Masters in Public Health in Behavioral Science and Health Promotion with a specialty in Global Health (certificate) from New York Medical College and is currently attending Walden University for her Doctorate in Public Health to further develop her skills in leadership. Additionally, Angela is currently studying for the A-IPC certification (Novice Infection preventionist) to eventually become board certified with the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology Inc. (CBIC). Her expertise is in behavioral science, infectious disease, and communicable diseases surrounding global health, social determinants of health, and has demonstrated interests in Maternal and child health. Angela seeks to become a Certified Lactation Counselor or specialist (IBCLC) to help communities who may need more education about the importance of breastfeeding and how it contributes to health.

Overall, Angela’s goal as a leader in public health is to help other leaders in public health, keep populations healthy, informed, and aware of their own health as well as helping cultivate the current knowledge state of the world’s underserved communities.

My team will help provide answers to your curiosity!”– Angela J. Brown, MPH

Research Management

  • Data Management: Our skilled consultants provide a third-party resource, data management for your research. We provide efficient data entry and analysis with SAS/SPSS or Microsoft Excel from various EHR/EMR systems and software data housing programs, preferably REDCap. In research, the management of data is extremely important to help keep your project on track and to see what your outcomes are. We believe in the production of readable data visualization. Our team is HIPPA certified and practice the required protocols regarding PHI.
  • Survey/Questionnaire creation: One of the most important parts of any research study that is characterized as a human subject and or/ clinical research pertaining to qualitative data sets is the questionnaire/survey. Collecting the precise answers that you need to help translate your research into effective proposed practice is necessary. Our team is here to help provide your team, the time and expertise in how to create effective and efficient questionnaires/surveys for your research participants. Our team is knowledgeable in the various epidemiological methods that would be applicable during this process.
  • Project proposal and protocol: The initial step of developing your research study is imperative to “get right” the first time especially with IRB mandates. Our team assists you in writing your project proposal to help convey your message and reasoning for proposing your passion for your study. In addition, we help to develop protocols that align with your current university or hospital’s Institutional Review Board regulations. We are current and knowledgeable about the importance of the ethical premise of human subject research and we work efficiently to make this clear in every research protocol.

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